DENVER (CBS4) – Athletes across Colorado are being sidelined by spring snow storms.

High schools are frantically trying to reschedule games that have now been canceled twice.

For spring athletes hoping to put points on a scoreboard and catch the eye of a college recruiter, the storms are the opponent. From softball to lacrosse, girls and boys sports are practicing indoors. It’s frustrating for the athletes and the coaches.

The fields are snowy, wet, damp and unusable. That means practices are canceled and competitions rescheduled. School websites from Fort Collins to Denver show schedules that have been repeatedly reworked and redone. It seems few games are actually getting played.

Mullen’s varsity baseball team has been practicing in the Astroturf gym. The boys and girls track teams have been working out on the basketball court. The lacrosse teams squeeze in later in the evening.

“It’s really hard to fit the varsity and the (junior varsity) in,” a student athlete said. “It’s hard to translate from a small gym into the big field, so it’s been really tough and really crowded.”

The Rockies get a lot of attention for their canceled games, but the high school athletes are equally frustrated.

“There are a couple of schools I am talking to and all the coaches are wondering like, ‘All these other teams have played 20 something games and you have played eight. What’s up with that?’ “ another athlete said.

Some athletes say it’s the worst-case scenario. They have the rigors of practice without the reward of the games.


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