It was everything everyone promised us it would be.

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Lush, tropical, relaxed and spectacular views at every turn of the road.

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My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Maui, and we loved it.
Friends recommended the Grand Wailea, and we are so glad they did.
The property was gorgeous, quiet and the food and service outstanding.
We hope one day to take our daughter.

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We typically travel to Mexico for some rest and relaxation but found that Hawaii offered us so much more of that.

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We were up at sunrise, on the beach by 9:00 and asleep not long after the sun set.


We golfed, visited a cave and jumped in it’s cool waters, drove the road to Hana and did a “little” whale watching.

Most importantly we enjoyed each other and the wonderous gift of so much natural beauty.

PHOTO GALLERY: Karen Leigh’s Hawaii Vacation

I’m sharing a couple of photos with you, but I hope you’ll take a moment and visit the gallery our webteam put together of more photos.

I hope they give you a snapshot of what we found Maui to be like.

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Pictures truly do not do it justice, but we tried our best!

While we were away – we too turned on the tv and discovered the tragedy in Boston.

It made us sick, and broke our hearts.

I think for us it also hit home how important it is to hold tight to those moments with those you love; never taking the peace of this day for granted.


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