DENVER (CBS4) – Those hoping to adopt or drop off a dog at the Dumb Friends League Quebec shelter will likely have to wait a month after several dogs died from pneumonia.

Veterinarians are still trying to figure out how the dogs got pneumonia.

“There are many diseases or viruses or bacteria that might be involved, so we’re trying to pinpoint what exactly is causing the disease,” Dr. Cathlin Craver said.

It started about a week ago. So far vets have seen 12 cases of dogs with pneumonia, five of which have died.

“We’re still gathering information trying to figure that out. There’s a chance that it’s in our community somewhere and when an animal comes into our shelter it can get into our population,” Craver said.

The intake and adoption area at the Dumb Friends League is closed to the general public and only certain veterinarians are allowed to handle the sick dogs. They expect for it to be that way for at least the next 30 days until they get the situation under control.

“We just don’t want to cross contaminate any areas. We’re taking this very seriously,” Craver said.

Craber is left to care for cats and other animals at the shelter but not the sick dogs during this time. An animal lover at heart, it’s difficult for her and others to see such an increase in sick animals.

“It’s obviously very stressful for us, the staff. But it’s also something that this is what we’re here to do. We’re here to help animals in our community,” Craver said.

It’s estimated that 25 percent of the shelter’s 260 dogs are sick. The health of all dogs there is being closely monitored.

All animals brought into the shelter are given a health screening. Those found to be sick are quarantined until they are healthy enough to be back in the general population.

Cats and other animals are still available for adoption.

LINK: Denver Dumb Friends League 


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