DENVER (CBS4) – More than 500 people from Colorado were running in the Boston Marathon on Monday and several of them witnessed the first explosion first hand.

Henry Guzman from Boulder was in Boston for his 10th Boston Marathon. He finished the race 30 minutes before the explosions. He walked over to his hotel, The Lennox, which overlooks the finish line. Guzman says he looked out his 10th floor window just as the first bomb exploded, rattling his windows.

As the smoke cleared Guzman heard people screaming and got a first-hand look at the carnage. He described what he saw with CBS4’s Tom Mustin by phone.

“All of a sudden there’s a lady like over a rail and you could tell that either she’s dead or she’s incapacitated. One guy lost a limb,” Guzman said. “There was just blood everywhere. It was like a war zone. When you look at the world that we live in, it’s sad what hate does.”

Guzman says he can’t wait to return to Colorado. He says if he can get out of Boston Monday night he hopes to return sometime Tuesday.


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