DENVER (CBS4)– The Amazing Race roller derby moms head into Sunday night’s episode with a big change from safari-like weather to deep snow.

Mona Egender and Beth Bandimere are two women from Colorado who are competing in the reality show The Amazing Race Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBS4. They are both a part of the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls.

The pair is excited about their new challenges on the show and talked about it on CBS4 News at Noon on Thursday.

“We’re from Colorado, we’re natives, we’re used to it. Actually we felt at home at Switzerland,” said Mona.

“It felt suprisingly like Colorado in the winter. It was not freezing, there was a lot of snow but we were in our element,” said Beth.

“Switzerland is actually going to be to be really cool though. They bring back a really famous challenge from a past season called “cheese hell” where we had to transport 200 pounds of Swiss cheese on a sled down a hill. That’s something everybody does every day right?” said Beth.

“We had to do it with snow. Last time there was no snow,” said Mona.

“We also traverse the face of the iger; it’s really steep,” said Beth.

“It’s basically the top of Europe,” said Mona.

The duo also said they may want to go back and visit some of the places where they’ve been on the show.

“You really are zipping through. You don’t get to stay and enjoy it as much as we would like. We saw some beautiful places. It actually makes me want to go back there and spend some time,” said Mona.

“The whole thing just seems so surreal and watching it, it still doesn’t feel like it actually happened. We’re used to be physically uncomfortable though and I think we had an advantage. Truly the physical tasks are now what we struggled the most with,” said Beth.

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The duo talked about the stress, both physically and mentally, the show is taking.

“We’ve been going for so long and there was all the other teams around us and that just adds an extra level of stress and panic,” said Mona. “What we struggled with was just the stress of traveling and being sleep-deprived and being hungry quite often.”

“You’re exhausted,” said Beth.

The women said they still haven’t gotten used to the fact that their story is being played out in front of millions of viewers each week.

“It’s just so crazy. It feels like you’re watching a really well made home video of your vacation. It just doesn’t feel like a reality show that million of people watch every week,” said Mona.

“I think our teenagers actually think we’re kind of cool now. We’ve finally got some status,” said Beth.

Watch the roller derby moms on The Amazing Race this Sunday at 7 p.m. on CBS4.



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