LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Denver Public Works says plows will not park for the day or night until the roads are clear.

Seventy plows started hitting the roads around midnight and they’ll likely stay out until rush hour on Tuesday.

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Despite their efforts all morning, roads were still extremely icy during the morning rush. There were quite a few accidents out in the Lakewood area with cars slipping and sliding down 6th near Simms.

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Denver Public Works says they’re using de-icer to help clear the slick spots but it’s not working as well as they hoped.

“We are putting down de-icer and that’s working okay. The system is starting to break up a little bit, however that de-icer works best when the temperatures are a little bit warmer; we’ve got really cold temperatures out here,” Emily Williams with Denver Public Works said. “So it’s working great for traction, but it’s not really melting as much as we’d like.”

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There’s hope as the storm blows through and more cars hit the road during the day that road conditions will slowly improve. But plows will be out there, so drivers need to keep in mind it’s important to give them plenty of space.