DENVER (CBS4) – We often don’t hear about children suffering from child abuse until it’s too late. Now there’s something everyone in the community can do to recognize the signs of abuse.

We hear the words “child abuse” and “child abuse prevention” a lot, but besides reporting the abuse once it’s occurred., we don’t hear a lot about what ”more” we can do. Denver Human Services wants to change all that.

The message from Denver Human Services is everyone, whether they have children or not, has a part to play when it comes to preventing child abuse in their communities. That’s why Denver Human Services has introduced five protective factors considered to be areas where everyone can help.

– Be a bounce back family. That’s where you recognize stressful situations in another family and try to help turn things around.

– Make parent growth a priority. In other words, learn how to cope and stay positive.

– Also, learn about child growth and help children develop emotionally.

– Have a network of family and friends to rely on.

“When you’re able to create a network of family and friends you are able to pick up the phone and say to your neighbor, ‘Are you willing to come over for 15, 20 minutes because I just need some time to myself?’ “ a spokesperson for Denver Human Services said. “So that you’re able to step away from the situation, give yourself some breathing room and think about an assess what’s happening and be able to come back with a fresh outlook on the situation.”

– Call for help — whether that’s a teacher, a doctor or a caseworker. Denver Human Services receives over 10,000 calls a year of suspected child abuse or neglect.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. How can you “Be the ONE?”  Denver Human Services wants to help. Visit to learn more. You can also find out about how toattend any of the four, free seminars being offered to parents.


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