James Lohr (credit: Colorado Springs Police)

James Lohr (credit: Colorado Springs Police)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS) – Police have caught one alleged member of the 211 Crew gang, which has possible ties the killing of Colorado Corrections director Tom Clements.

James Lohr, 47, was one of two men police around the country have been looking for as investigators try to put together what happened in the killings late last month of Colorado Corrections chief Tom Clements and Denver-area resident Nathan Leon.

Colorado Springs police arrested Lohr early Friday morning, not on Thursday night as was originally reported.

Police are still investigating what happened, but initial reports indicate Lohr ran away or drove away when a police officer tried to make a traffic stop at 1:30 a.m. at the intersection of Hancock and Bijou.

The arrest took place near the intersection of Platte Boulevard and North Cedar, less than half a mile away.

A witness who was in the area in the early morning hours said judging by the amount of police activity in the area, a search for Lohr that included search dogs took place for several hours after the traffic stop attempt. The man told CBS4 his wife saw police capture a man and arrest him at approximately 4:30 a.m.

Authorities said they are still searching for Thomas Guolee, 31.

James Lohr and Thomas Guolee (credit: El Paso Co. Sheriff)

James Lohr and Thomas Guolee (credit: El Paso Co. Sheriff)

Guolee and Lohr are both allegedly associated with the 211 crew, the white supremacist prison gang Evan Ebel was in. Ebel is considered the prime suspect in the killings of Leon and Clements.

Investigators believe Lohr and Guolee have valuable information pertaining to the Clements murder.

Guolee is considered armed and dangerous. Authorities say he could be on his way to Nevada or possibly Texas.