AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– The teacher at the center of racy tweets that got her put on paid leave from the Cherry Creek School District is no longer employed there.

Carly McKinney taught math at Overland High School in Aurora. Her Twitter page was filled with racy pictures and posts about smoking pot.

McKinney, 23, who used the name “Carly Crunk Bear” on her Twitter page. During the initial investigation the page stated she’s “crunker than most,” and to “stay sexy … stay high … stay drunk.”

The Urban Dictionary says the definition of “crunk” is smoking chronic (marijuana) and getting drunk or highly intoxicated.

On Friday afternoon the school district released this statement about McKinney, “The Overland High School teacher, who was placed on administrative leave after allegations of impropriety arose, is no longer employed by the District. The district will have no further comment as this is a personnel issue.”

During the initial investigation Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman said “The three posts that we are most concerned about are the ones that may indicate that she violated school policy and/or law.”

Even though it’s a teacher’s First Amendment right to post whatever they want on their personal social media pages, the district says their recommendation is to treat social media as if being in a classroom.