COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – The former principal of the Colorado School for the Deaf and the Blind denies allegations he covered up sexual abuse at the school.

Two sets of parents of two blind students who are suing the school and its former leader claim five children were sexually assaulted at the school by another student and the acts were covered up. The assaults allegedly took place over a period of years begining in 2009.

Their lawsuit was in federal court Thursday for a hearing, with court papers filed on behalf of the former principal Louis Tutt. An arrest warrant for failure to report suspected child abuse, a misdemeanor, was previously issued but Tutt remains out of state. The warrant for his arrest remains active.

Tutt insist he and the school acted properly after learning of the situation. In court documents Tutt says the school staff “responded to each incident, interviewed those involved, notified parents of the involved students and took action.”

Colorado Springs police investigated and found the school kept records of the assault but did not report them to law enforcement or social service authorities, as required by law.

Lawyers for both the school and principal claim the lawsuits should not go forward because their clients have governmental immunity.

Tutt’s attorney had no comment on Thursday.

CBS4 is not revealing the names of the victims or suspects in the case.

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