DENVER (CBS4)– There is an additional tool when it comes to your credit score. One company said it will provide a better assessment of a person’s credit risk.

The additional data can help if that person has very little credit history or questionable credit history.

The data firm Core Logic is behind the shift. The goal is to incorporate additional factors into determining the likelihood you’ll default.

If you have a second mortgage with a credit union it would show up in the new score but not the old.

Landlords may check credit scores by using traditional information which doesn’t factor in whether potential renters have paid on time and haven’t been evicted.

If the traditional FICO score is 680 the additional scoring system using Core Logic could bump it up to 720.

That’s a 40 point increase which could result in the difference between getting the loan and not getting the loan.

Overall 70 percent of people have better credit under the new measurements than using the standard FICO scoring system.

The Core Logic system will not take the place of FICO, it’s just considered another tool in calculating credit risk.