DENVER (CBS4)– It’s a teenage prank that seems silly but now it’s being called dangerous- milk smashing.

Gallon smashing is happening in grocery stores across Colorado after the prank gained a lot of attention on YouTube. Teenagers are seen cruising the aisles of grocery stores, picking up gallon jugs of milk and then intentionally smashing and sliding in the milky mess.

“It’s actually pretty fun,” said one Denver teenager. “We just went to King Soopers and Walmart and we did everything and the customers were like… I really did it!”

“Just yesterday we had one of these milk smashing incidents at our Parker store,” said Safeway spokeswoman Kris Staff.

The concern is not just for pranksters who intentionally fall but for other customers who unintentionally might slip and get hurt.

“What may seem like an innocent prank is actually very dangerous, time consuming and something we’re taking very seriously,” said Staff.

Some teens agreed with Staff, saying the prank is not clever or funny.

“I don’t smash milk, I drink it,” said one Denver teenager.

Police said the tumbling teens could face vandalism charges.

“We’re teenagers. We’re going to do what we’re going to do just to get a couple of laughs,” said another Denver teenager.

Store employees said it’s just a question of time until the teens get caught on surveillance video and are charged.


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