DENVER (CBS4)– A Colorado family is mourning the loss of one of their own who was killed while vacationing near Puerto Vallarta while the Mexican Consulate assures the safety of American tourists visiting Mexico.

They hired a babysitter whose boyfriend police said brutally attacked and killed the little boy.

The Charrette family is from Ridgway, outside of Telluride. They left their home in January for an eight month vacation in Mexico.

The family spokesman, Brian Scranton said Jen and Randy were looking for a lifestyle change.

“To experience the world. To see and meet new cultures. To work, live and play in beautiful places,” said Scranton.

Jen and Randy Charrette had been renting the home for about two months and had hired Nancy Saralee Solorio Perez and her mother to watch the home and children.

The parents were out of the house when Solorio’s ex-boyfriend, Eleodoro Carlos Rodriguez Sanchez, entered, attacked Axel and drowned him, the prosecutor’s office said. Axel’s older brother was locked in the house and did not witness the crime, Scranton said.

According to a statement by the family, “On Feb. 28, the daughter, our babysitter, let her boyfriend into the walled property. She soon realized he was in a violent, drug-induced state. Out of fear, she locked herself in a bathroom, leaving Axel outside. Kalden was inside playing games. The boyfriend, for reasons unknown, hurt Axel, then threw him in the pool, leaving him to drown.”

Axel’s brother, Kalden, 7, wasn’t injured.

The prosecutor’s office in the state of Nayarit said that the ex-boyfriend had been arrested and charged with rape and murder in the Feb. 28 attack. Prosecutors said the babysitter has been charged with homicide for failing to stop the attack and with lying about it to medical personnel.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Javier Maupome with the Mexican Consulate said prosecuting the case and the safety of U.S. tourists are top priorities.

“This is an isolated incident,” said Maupome.

When asked if he would assure the safety of those who travel to Mexico, Maupome replied, “Yes, definitely.”

A private memorial has been planned for Axel on Tuesday in Ridgway.