We love Ms. Kim!

Elle with Ms. Kim

Elle with Ms. Kim

She is one of Elle’s teachers at The Village Child Development Center.

I snapped this photo this morning and it inspired me to write a little something about how incredible preschool has been for our daughter.

When Elle turned 1 1/2, she turned a corner.

She all of sudden needed more than we were giving her.

She needed more of everything; books, reading, games, interaction and play time.

You name it, she was ready for more of it!

It was then we decided to sign her up for school two days a week.

We worried at first that we were being bad parents.

After all, didn’t she have the rest of her life to go to school?

But we quickly learned, she thrived in that environment.

Getting Elle involved in early education has been one of the best things we’ve done for “her.”


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