DENVER (CBS4) – They look like any other lollypop, cereal, cookie or brownie; but all of those foods are filled with pot. Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, the question is, how do people keep those products away from children? That was one of the topics state leaders discussed Monday.

The Amendment 64 Task Force is making recommendations to the state about how to implement recreational marijuana. Making sure the packaging doesn’t entice children and laying out the rules for consumption by those who care for children were at the top of the list.

“We have four or five things that we’re trying to do to reduce the accidental exposure of people under the age of 21,” Chris Urbina with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said.

The task force tackled a range of topics Monday dealing with children and marijuana.

“I think one of our primary concerns in the legislature especially is protecting our children,” said Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver.

The group says packaging should not appeal to children and containers should be childproof.

“We’re going to have to address it with labeling, we’re going to have to address it packaging,” said Barbara J. Brohl, Executive Director of the Department of Revenue.

“We have some precedent here from prescription drugs, childproof capping, labels,” Pabon said.

Other issues include finding a way to educate.

“Anything that would deter someone from under the age of 21 consuming this, we want to make sure we do that,” Pabon said.

“We’re trying to protect those under 21 from not using marijuana at all,” Urbina said.

Other topics dealt with punishments for providing to children or operating a childcare facility while under the influence.

“I think that was a short discussion because I don’t think there’s anyone who’s advocating to have marijuana users watching their children, but we have to be clear in the law that conduct is not allowed,” Pabon said.

While the recommendations are common sense, the task force says it’s important to leave no issue on the table.

The task force will meet for the last time this Thursday. Its members still need to figure out a tax rate. Other issues dealing with law enforcement still need to be hammered out.


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