DENVER (CBS4) – Denver’s whopper of a snowstorm on Sunday caused major headaches for thousands of air travelers, but CBS4 talked to a few early on Monday who probably had suffered the worst.

Several people who were able to make flights in to Denver International Airport on Sunday got in later than expected and wound up missing shuttles that were supposed to take them to ski resorts in the high country. For a few of them, that meant they had to stay at DIA overnight and catch sleep as best they could.

“My flight was delayed for two hours coming in from Fort Lauterdale and I didn’t have the right clothes — all my equipment is up at Vail. So I decided to just relax here — I slept like a young child — and get ready for my 8 a.m. (shuttle) departure up to Vail,” one traveler said.

Approximately 200 flights were canceled at the airport on Sunday, plus another 26 on Monday.

Another traveler told CBS4 his flight to Cleveland was canceled on Sunday and that he had to stay at a motel.

All the snow cleared out overnight and when CBS4 was there Monday morning flights were running on time and there were mostly normal security wait times.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)


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