DENVER (CBS4) – Cherry Creek High School junior Mitch Finesilver won the state championship in wrestling in the 120 pound weight class over the weekend at the Pepsi Center, and CBS4 Sports found out his last name is a pretty popular name in local wrestling circles.

That’s probably because he also has a twin brother who wrestles for Cherry Creek. And two younger brothers who do the same. And they’re twins, too.

Mitch and his brother Zach are fraternal twins and co-captains of their wrestling team.

“We’ve gotten into many fights, not only in the wrestling room, but at home — basically anywhere you can think of,” Zach said.

State champion wrestler Mitch Finesilver (credit: CBS)

State champion Mitch Finesilver (credit: CBS)

They have a typical sibling rivalry, but it’s not a typical family. Josh and Matt Finesilver, also fraternal twins, are freshman who also wrestle for Cherry Creek.

“It was a little intimidating at first but watching Zach and Mitch come up and do the same thing, it turned out not to be that bad,” Josh said.

“I guess that when we’re on the team they are more of teammates. At home they’re brothers, but there’s always that connectedness,” Mitch said.

Teammates and brothers are every parent’s dream, right? Dad Steve and mom Brenda Finesilver say don’t kid yourself.

“I mean it is just bedlam all the time,” Steve said.

Brenda said with a smile that she and her husband always “wanted a large family.” They certainly got it.

“We had three girls first and then we were fortunate to get pregnant to have Zach and Mitch. And then two years later we wanted to have one more pregnancy. And then we had Matt and Josh. So we ended up with seven,” Steve said.

With that many kids, plus tack on their dogs, and Steve and Brenda said their household can sometimes just get “insane” with high volume and, of course, a battle every once in a while. And the Finesilver house bears the scars, like an antique hutch with half the glass missing.

“They were playing soccer in the house — and they don’t even play soccer — they broke it,” Steve said.

Josh and Matt Finesilver (credit: CBS)

Josh, left, and Matt, right (credit: CBS)

And then there are the stories of carnage down in the basement. The drywall didn’t stand a chance when one of the brothers pushed another and left a big hole in the wall.

Brotherly brawling. That would explain the wrestling — a sport the boys picked up all on their own, even though their dad had spent years as a wrestling coach.

“I didn’t say a word,” Steve said.

“He’s never really pushed the sport on us. He’s always supported us,” Mitch said.

“When they would finish their matches, no matter what the outcome we’d hug them and kiss them and tell them we’re proud of them. And then, later on, the next question was ‘Did you have fun?’ And that’s been it,” Steve said.

Mitch and Zack Finesilver (credit: CBS)

Mitch, left and Zach, right (credit: CBS)

Mike Luring, the head wrestling coach at Cherry Creek, feels the parents’ hands-off strategy has worked out perfectly.

“I have nothing but respect for the four of them. Brenda and Steve have done a fabulous job,” Luring said.

Luring can tell you all about the Finesilvers’ talents on the mat, but he’s even more impressed with the children Steve and Brenda have raised.

“After every single practice all four of them will come up to me and shake my hand and tell me thank you,” Luring said.

The twins not only love to wrestle together, they actually like hanging out together as well.

The Finesilvers (credit: CBS)

The Finesilvers (credit: CBS)

“Yeah it’s pretty cool,” Matt said. “If we need help on anything we just ask them.”

“It’s pretty awesome, it’s a really good support system as far as homework, wrestling, and just sports in general,” Zach said.

“It’s about family. It’s about the love of one another. I could care less if they win or if they lose,” Brenda said.

“They think they’re really all four best buddies,” Steve said.

“I want them to be happy, that’s all,” Brenda said. “They are self motivated. They’re great kids.”

Three of the four brothers qualified for the state championships this year. Zach finished fourth in the tournament. And they’ll all be back to compete next year.

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