DENVER (CBS4) – Wrestling fans around the world are trying to do their part to get the International Olympic Committee to reconsider their decision to drop wrestling from the Olympics, and at the Pepsi Center this weekend it’s no different.

A local coach started a petition and is taking names at the state high school wrestling championships, which are being held at the Pepsi Center.

“This is such a big sport to the Olympics and to the world. I mean, everybody wrestles, no matter what your politics or religion. Whatever your background is, wrestling is somewhere in the world,” said John Sandoval an assistant wrestling coach at Horizon High School in Thornton.

“It’s just a bunch of yuppies, I guess, trying to get rid of it,” said Brian Hegwood, a wrestler at Grand Valley High School. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

John Faczak, a wrestling coach at Bennett High School, said he feels that the Olympics is the pinnacle for wrestlers to show they are the best in the world in their weight classes.

“There is no professional wrestling — no real professional wrestling — out there. (The Olympics) is the only way, or only outlet for us to be able to showcase our skills at a world level.”

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