The list of things I love about being a mother is endless.

It has enriched, touched and changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count.

Every morning I thank God for being given the gift of my daughter.

This morning was no exception.

Since my daughter has moved into her big girl bed (which means she know has the freedom to get out of bed on her own) her wake up call (and mine) comes before sunrise these past few weeks.

This morning the two of us took a nap not long after our early wake up and when we woke, my daughter came downstairs and crawled into my bed.

I couldn’t have imagined a sweeter moment in my head.

My two and half year old kicked her feet over my body propped her head onto my tummy and she started conversing about washing her hair in the ocean.

Her story, our conversation, didn’t make much sense since she was making it up as she went, but it was one of the most beautiful stories I’ve heard to date.

And being in the business for 20 years now, I’ve heard a lot of wonderful stories.

My thought in sharing this with you, is this:

I love the slogan; “live in the moment.”

While I think I am really good at doing that – truth is – not so much.

I’m often one, two or three steps ahead…..thinking, planning….dreaming of what tomorrow will bring.

But there are moments, like the moment this morning with my daughter, when I know without a doubt that I am living this moment.

Savoring, loving, relishing every remarkable thing about it.

It’s a beauitful thing, to be fully present in the day, in our own lives and in the lives of those we love.

Living in the moment is certainly something I will strive to do.

After all – it is all we’ve got.


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