DENVER (CBS4) – Sex education brought intense debate to the Colorado Capitol on Tuesday.

Republicans objected, but a bill took another step forward in the House. It would further clarify existing language in the current law for sex education programs in public schools.

Right now sex education curriculums must be comprehensive and include everything from abstinence to birth control. Many schools have called the language confusing.

Republicans argued against the bill.

“We don’t need to be teaching sex ed to first-graders,” said Rep. Frank McNulty, R-Highlands Ranch. “They should be learning how to read. How many times have we debated that in front of this House?”

“We’re not saying that we’re teaching kindergartners or young children about sex,” said Rep Dominick Moreno, D-Adams County. “What we’re saying is that we’re offering them age-appropriate and common sense education to make sure that they do not violate the boundaries of others and respect their fellow classmates.”

Planned Parenthood says the bill is needed to give students a comprehensive understanding of human sexuality.

Many Republicans say the bill is extreme and infringes on local control. It still has to make it through the full House before it would go to the Senate.


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