Police Say Incident Was An Accident

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – A 37-year-old Greeley man has extensive injuries after his car exploded Thursday night.

The explosion happened at approximately 10:45 p.m. at 4615 46th Street Way, and the shockwave caused some windows on at least one nearby home to shatter. The car was heavily damaged by the fire that resulted from the explosion.

A witness said the man, Adrian Vigil, may have lost one eye, has major burns on his head and has some broken bones.

Police said Vigil was getting something out of the trunk of the car when the explosion happened. Vigil had an acetylene tank in his trunk that may have been damaged and appears to have exploded when he opened the trunk.

A neighbor, Sandra Hill, told CBS4 she talked to the woman who lives in the home outside where the car exploded. She said her son has spent several hours with Vigil at the hospital and that he is in bad shape.

Jerry Collins, another neighbor, told CBS4 the explosion was one of the loudest things he’s ever heard.

“Well we were asleep and it was like our whole house shook,” said Collins. “I thought someone had hit our house, like an airplane crashed or something. It was that loud.”

“I came out here and it was just a ball of flames in my front yard. A couple explosions later, we thought it was airbags. Sparks were flying, there was smoke. It was really scary,” said Valerie Moore, a third neighbor.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Authorities towed away the car a few hours later.

Police said they don’t expect that there will be any criminal charges filed in relation to the incident.


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