COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– A dog from Colorado Springs took second place at the Westminster Dog Show.

Swagger is an Old English Sheepdog and he wowed the crowd at Westminster. His formal name used in competition is Bugaboo’s Perfect Picture. But fans and handlers alike call him Swagger.

Swagger weighs about 90 pounds and is relatively new to the show dog circuit.

“This is a hard show for dogs that are seasoned, dogs that have been showing for three to four years, let alone a dog that’s 20 months old and has only been to four dog shows in his life,” said Swagger’s handler Colton Johnson.

Swagger won’t have to worry about the dog that took first place, Banana Joe, for next year. Banana Joe is heading home to retire in the Netherlands.

Swagger will be strutting his stuff again this weekend at the Denver Dog Show.


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