AURORA (CBS4) – There was a call for change in gun laws from Aurora to Washington on Monday.

A group of gun control advocates protested at the district office of Republican Rep. Mike Coffman. They want Coffman to support universal background checks, a ban on assault weapons, and limits on high-capacity magazines.

The protesters included Tom Mauser, who lost his son at Columbine.

“The time has come for Congressman Coffman to sit down and look in the faces of gun violence victims and tell us where he stands now, and whether he supports change, or whether he just supports business as usual,” Mauser said.

Coffman’s office issued a statement saying, “Over the coming weeks Rep. Coffman will review any and all gun safety legislation that comes up in the House.” It goes on to say, “Rep. Coffman believes we must first determine whether proposals are effective in preventing gun-related violence.”