COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– The Colorado Public Health Department is investigating after students at a high school in Colorado Springs found worms in their school lunch.

What students at Harrison High School found in their school lunch was anything but appetizing– worms.

Students snapped pictures with their cell phones of what was floating in their soup.

“I was getting my lunch and a girl in front of me said, ‘Look what’s in the lunch’ and we saw little bug things,” said student Mercedes Boone.

“Everyone started throwing their food away and they just felt disgusting because it was in their body already,” said student Lizeth Romano.

The school district said a student alerted the staff to what was found and the lunch was immediately pulled from the serving area.

The health department was called to investigate whether the worms were either mealworms or weevils.

Investigators believe it was isolated to a single batch of soup.

“We worked with the health department who could help us isolate and find out which batch of noodles was contaminated and called the food vendor who provided those to make sure they weren’t being served other places,” said Colorado Springs School District 2 spokeswoman Christine Lyle.

Lyle said parents were notified about the problem after school officials determined what had happened.

Fewer than 100 students were served the wormy soup.

The health department said eating the worms would not be harmful to students.


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