FOUNTAIN, Colo. (CBS4) – Thieves targeted a Fountain family and what they took is irreplaceable — the ashes of a family member.

The Fisher family came home and knew there was a problem before walking through their door.

“First thing I noticed when we got home was my dog was outside and I left her in the garage when I left,” Stephanie Fisher said.

The balcony door from her bedroom was wide open.

“It was surreal, it was like a denial thing too because this has never happened to me,” Fisher said. “I’ve lived in Colorado Springs since 1988.”

Fisher walked in her living room and found drawers pulled out.

“All of our camera equipment, three cameras, one video camera, kids’ Wii was taken.”

Her laptop had years’ worth of family photographs were taken.

“Our upstairs was completely trashed. Our gun safe was broken into and three weapons were stolen.”

The thieves also stole jewelry, including a cross with the ashes of her husband’s father.

“That means so much and he doesn’t have very much of his dad.”

Fisher said the crooks can keep the material stuff, but she wants the cross and pictures back.

“It makes you angry and feel so violated and unsafe and it’s wrong. These people need to be caught.”

Detectives were able to get a tire mark and shoe print from the Fishers’ home. They say it’s a good reminder for everyone to inventory of their valuables and even video tape them.


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