DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Public Schools is kicking off a new training program for teachers called the DPS Denver Teacher Residency Program.

The new program is a way for professionals who already have a bachelor’s degree to jump into teaching.

“We’ve learned over time that the practical experience a person can have in the classroom is fundamental to developing the effectiveness of a teacher,” said Shannon Hagerman, Denver Teacher Residency Program Director. “The Teacher Residency model allows people to take their coursework and then have an immediate experience to be able to apply theory and put into action in the classroom on a daily basis.”

Hagerman said there’s a lot to gain by getting professionals involved in teaching.

“The quality of our instruction is complimented by the set of experiences that professionals bring to the practices and into the classroom,” she said.

It’s not necessarily a more effective way of training teachers, but a different way that some might find better.

“Everyone has a different growth trajectory and needs a little bit different set of experiences to become effective,” Hagerman said. “There are people, through their own personal set of experiences, might be more ready to enter the classroom without a residency experience.”

She said for the most part people who experience a full classroom year start ahead of the curve.

The application window is open until Feb. 15. Those interested can apply at


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