DENVER (CBS4) – For lovebirds considering jewelry for a Valentine’s Day gift, some say the best deals on jewelry can come from people selling with a broken heart.

4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll found pricey rings hold their luster long after the relationship is tarnished.

Pawn shops are often where jilted lovers flee to purge their jewelry box and maybe make money on their misery. Now there’s also a romance-gone-bad refuge online.

“I just got divorced, so now I have wedding rings and stuff like that in the drawer,” Mike said.

Mike is ready to move on.

“Actually I have some from high school still that I don’t even know what to do with,” Sheila said.

Those are familiar tales of woe at the pawn shop.

“The first time he gets his heart broken, immediately get rid of it, the jewelry goes first,” Al Ansel at Wedgle’s pawn shop said.

Ansel has been in the pawn business for 49 Valentine’s Days. He said consumers can get jewelry at 80 percent off at his store. The same is true on where consumers sell their goods and bare their souls. The site was born from a mended heart after a broken marriage with leftover jewels.

“These were things that once meant a lot to me and I thought they could find happier homes,” Meghan Perry with said.

Now 50,000 buyers and sellers post their baubles and hope to profit from their personal loss or pounce on someone else’s need to purge.

Mike and Sheila have found new love in one another and have purchased a ring to cover the finger tattoo with Mike’s old wedding date.

“It was a bad situation, so we can make it better,” Sheila said.

Prices on the website range from $25 to $25,000. is a free website.