AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Aurora have arrested two suspects who they say smashed their way into a store and loaded up on pricey electronics and left in less than two minutes.

The suspects are accused of throwing a rock through the window of the Aaron’s rental store on East Colfax Avenue Monday at approximately 1 a.m. The store’s surveillance camera captured clear shots of their uncovered faces.

An employee at the Domino’s pizza store next door heard banging on their door not long before the smash and grab. She said a man was pleading for help because he said his wife was in the car bleeding, but she had deposits with her and didn’t open the door. She called the police, who responded, and then she left. Her car can be seen pulling away on surveillance video.

The thieves apparently were waiting for the Domino’s employee to leave to burglarize the Aaron’s store. Just 10 seconds later, while the Domino’s employee was still in the parking lot, the suspec’s threw the rock and began their spree.

Police were able to identify and arrest the suspects. Their names haven’t been released. Anyone with additional information is asked to call police.


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