GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A driver talked with CBS4 about her close call with a giant boulder that fell onto Interstate 70.

The boulder fell onto the westbound lane of the highway Monday just outside Glenwood Springs in Glenwood Canyon. The giant rock shut down part of the highway.

“It was huge, as big as a car,” said Charm Chauffers driver Charm Jones. “I was headed straight towards it, it came down right in front of me.”

Jones says the boulder was the size of a Volkswagen Bug, but there were also other, watermelon-sized boulders falling across the highway.

“Complete shock, ‘Oh my god,’ and hit the brakes and turned to get away from it; and make a decision to stop or punch it,” Jones said. “I just had to punch it. I wasn’t going to hang out long.”

Jones owns a transportation company that sent her rolling through Glenwood Canyon early Monday.

“I hit the gas and floored it through the boulders that were rolling. Just straddled them and got the hell outta there,” said Jones.

It took crews six hours to break up the boulder using what’s called a “Boulder Buster.”

The Colorado Department of Transportation says the freezing and thawing temperatures probably caused the rocks to fall.

Jones said on her next trip through the canyon, “I’m going to punch it, hope there’s not a cop. Get out of there!”


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