LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – A Loveland couple accused in a plot targeting possible pedophiles is being held in the Larimer County Jail.

Police say Sareena Morrison, 18, and her boyfriend Dustin Canup, 20, wanted to meet men and then rob them. Both people face felony charges including conspiracy to commit kidnapping, aggravated robbery and extortion for allegedly trying to lure child predators.

According to court documents, Morrison posed as a 15-year-old girl on an adult website. Someone else on that site fearing for her safety contacted police.

“Friday morning our detectives received a tip from one of our citizens telling us that they knew of at least one person who was attempting to commit unlawful sexual acts with children,” said Loveland police spokesman Sgt. Mike Halloran.

Undercover officers setup an operation at a Loveland motel, leading Morrison and Canup to believe they were meeting with a man willing to bring his 6-year-old daughter to them for sex. Canup told police they planned to kidnap the child and raise her as their own and to rob the man.

“It’s pretty strange. It ranks up there with the stranger cases that I’ve seen throughout my career,” Halloran said.

Canup was arrested and during a search police found a large 12 inch knife and a pair of handcuffs Canup said he would use if the pedophile didn’t cooperate.

Police said that while the couple is in custody, an investigation into the matter continues.

“As far as we know this is their first attempt and the investigation is ongoing to find out if we can identify anybody else who was contacted by or victimized by these two,” said Halloran.

Canup is being held on a $100,000 bond and Morrison is being held on a $75,000 bond. They are set to appear in court on Friday.


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