DENVER (CBS4) – A pot club opened up in Denver called Club 64 after Amendment 64 passed and CBS4’s Nina Sparano wanted to take a closer look to see what it’s all about.

“What these clubs are selling, really, is the venue for people to come together; people who are like-minded and relate to each other,” attorney Robert Corry with Club 64 said.

Events like Club 64 are opening up new doors. It’s the second legal pot party of its kind.

“We are emerging from the shadows of decades of prohibition,” Corry said. “It’s very exciting in Colorado, and it’s exciting Colorado is leading the way.”

“It sure takes the stress off of the cops coming down and pounding down your door,” a patron at the club said.

While selling marijuana is still illegal, cannabis clubs owners are following strict rules.

“If you keep it 21 and older, keep it out of the public view, and don’t sell marijuana in profit, it can be done,” Corry said.

Party host Tom Valdez says jumping on the Amendment 64 bandwagon is good business.

“As a businessman there are so many possibilities, and we grabbed on to Club 64,” Valdez said.

The 200 person venue at Four Strains Pipe and Tobacco at a $30 cover charge is sparking a marijuana money maker.

“The state projected that they were going to bring in $150 million by the next four years,” Valdez said. “So that means on a 15 percent excise tax, that’s a billion dollar industry. So the potential for any businessman who gets into it is there.”


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