DENVER (CBS4) – University of Denver police say a man hides and then assaults women walking with a group of people. It’s happened twice in two days near the DU campus.

Police believe the same man is responsible for both attacks. Campus police are working with Denver police to track down the suspect.

Both attacks happened on the campus about a half a mile from each other a little more than 24 hours apart. One attack happened in the 1900 block of South High Street. Police say a white male in his 20s engaged in forcible fondling. He was wearing something that looks like a maroon pullover jacket with a some kind of DU logo.

The suspect is acting alone, but not necessarily attacking women walking alone.

“I think it’s definitely unsettling, especially, you know, the campus tries to promote safety in numbers,” DU student Emily Vucinovich said.

Police say in two reported incidents, after midnight on both Thursday and Friday, the suspect appeared from cover and grabbed the buttocks of a female who was walking with other women.

“I think it’s better to walk with a male friend,” another student said. “I think it’s still not safe.”

The other assault happened in an alley between Boettcher West and South Race.

“I think I’m definitely more aware and a little more scared than I used to be,” another student said.

The suspect is described as a white male in his 20s, 5-foot-9, slim build with brown hair over his ears and in front of his eyes. He was wearing black shorts, white socks and white shoes.

“We can’t have people doing this stuff to other people around here,” student Elliot Shimmin said.

Regardless of the report the suspect attacked women in groups, there is still safety in numbers.

Campus police remind students to trust their instincts. If a person feels unsafe in any situation, leave the area immediately. Also, remain alert. Criminals are less likely to attack if they think they can be identified.


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