NUNN, Colo. (CBS4) – Commissioners in Weld County will decide next month if a bunker that would house explosives used in the oil and gas drilling process will be built near a small Northern Colorado town.

Nunn is located north of Greeley and has a population of less than 500 people. If you want to find out what’s happening in town, the senior center at lunchtime is the place to be.

For the past few days the talk has been about the bunker proposal, which comes from a company called Geodynamics.

“It’s not that I want it,” resident Don Comma told CBS4 while eating his lunch. “It’s just that I’m not particularly concerned about it because I don’t think it will be dangerous.”

The bunker would be built on a two acre parcel of land in the middle of 320 acres, just outside town limits. The explosives would be used for oil and gas drilling operations across Weld County.

After closely looking at the application from the Texas company, the Weld County Planning Commission recommended this week unanimously to the Board of County Commissioners to approve.

Many longtime residents of Nunn shared different opinions about the proposal on Thursday.

“Everyone said not to be concerned about it, but … ” said Phyllis Nase with a shrug.

“They say it’s not going to be dangerous or anything such as that, but it makes you wonder if there’s a possibility that something could happen,” said Toots Miller. “People don’t always tell the truth.”

Tom Parko shows CBS4's Ty Brennan where the bunker would be built. (credit: CBS)

Tom Parko shows CBS4’s Ty Brennan where the bunker would be built. (credit: CBS)

Tom Parko, planning services director for the county, said the bunker has been deemed safe and secure by not only them, but outside agencies.

“That’s one of our jobs in the planning department, we go through an application and we make sure that there’s the safety there for the residents,” Parko said.

Commissoners will make their final decision on the bunker at a meeting on Feb. 13. Until then, the folks of Nunn will just have to wait to see if a new neighbor will be digging in.


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