DENVER (CBS4) – Earlier this month 4 On Your Side Money Saver Suzanne McCarroll reported on a couple facing a foreclosure that was scheduled for Tuesday. The couple has taken one step forward, and one step back in their ongoing fight.

Charlene and Robert have been trying to get a loan modification through bank of America since 2009. The good news is there is no foreclosure sign anywhere in their yard, but the bad news is there is no signed and sealed loan modification either.

“The foreclosure is not scheduled for today … that is the good news …but I don’t think we made any progress,” Charlene told McCarroll.

After years in their home and countless months remodeling every corner, the couple hasn’t been able to work out their problems surrounding a loan modification with Bank of America.

“They gave us a loan modification offer that was based on including our business income with our personal, which is a loan modification we cannot afford,” Charlene said.

Stacks of documents and hours of recorded conversations with Bank of America suggest Charlene has repeatedly pointed out that error to bank officials. Robert said he has proof that all of their business income goes back into the business and isn’t kept by the family.

“That’s the same thing they did in October of 2009,” Charlene said.

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When CBS4 first contacted Bank of America last month, officials told McCarroll they would work with Charlene and Robert on an appropriate loan modification and they’d cancel the foreclosure.

“I am exhausted. I have spent so many nights not sleeping, so many days crying, so many days just wondering where we’re going to go,” Charlene said.

When CB4 first aired the story there was a large response from other customers having similar problems with Bank of America. Officials at the bank emailed McCarroll and said the latest offer to Charlene and Robert was the very best they could offer them.


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