DENVER (CBS4)– Firefighters in Denver rescued a dog from the icy waters of a lake in Green Valley Ranch on Wednesday evening.

Copter4 flew over the scene after the dive team from Denver Fire arrived at the lake near Aragonne and Green Valley Ranch Blvd.

Firefighters were called to the lake about 4:40 p.m. Wednesday.

The dog was seen swimming and trying to get back up on the frozen surface and appeared to be getting fatigued.

One firefighter wore what seemed to be webbed footing while he approached the dog. The dog seemed to be waiting for the firefighter on the edge. The dog had stopped swimming.

The firefighter pulled the dog out of the water and the dog got right up on his feet and started shaking off the water. The firefighter urged the dog to keep walking away from the ice and towards the shore.

The dog’s owner and a child ran up to the dog and put a leash on him. He followed firefighters to the fire truck where the dog was dried off with a blanket.

It is unclear how or why the dog ended up in the lake.


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