CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman who lost her husband in the Aurora theater shooting called the testimony in the second day of the preliminary trial for James Holmes “upsetting and sick.”

Tuesday’s testimony in court proved to be just as heartbreaking as the first day for families and victims. They listened to 911 calls made from inside the theater during the shooting. The first call lasted only 27 seconds, but 30 gunshots could be heard.

Other testimony included how Holmes planned everything, including the months he spent buying weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

Family members said hearing the testimony on Tuesday made the mass shooting all the more real.

“It’s choking because you can hear the noise in the background, you can actually hear people screaming,” said Chantel Blunk, who lost her husband Jon in the shooting. “So it kind of makes you imagine it; actually being there a little more; and it’s something you don’t want to imagine.”

In court a detective named off all of the injured victims and those who were deceased. Family members were visibly upset and many were crying in the courtroom.

The hearing continues on Wednesday.


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