CBS4 and the Denver Business Journal are teaming up to profile companies that are “Making Their Mark” in Colorado communities.

DENVER (CBS4) – For many parents, it’s a conversation that starts in the delivery room, “How are we going to pay for college?”

Chris Haeck learned the value of money and saving at an early age. With a father who was a CPA, if he wanted something, he had to save for it himself.

Now he uses his lifetime of money lessons in work at CollegeInvest. It’s nonprofit, self-supporting part of the Colorado Department of Education which helps low- and middle-income save for college.

“It is truly a great experience to be able to have a product you can stand behind and feel good about what it’s doing for people in the community,” Haeck told CBS4.

Currently CollegeInvest has about 298,000 accounts. Haeck says the real key to saving is simply getting started.

“I think the biggest thing we see is people taking that first step. That’s the biggest struggle,” he said. “It’s procrastination and I think we’re all inherently lazy.”

But Haeck also knows getting the whole family involved can really make a difference in fulfilling those colleges. CollegeInvest also allows other families to save through its 529 plans.

“Grandparents are a great source of money or dollars coming into 529 accounts as well.”

But Haeck also volunteers with other groups and charities aimed at helping children like the Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation and the Tennyson Center for Children.

His boss, Angela Baier the CEO of CollegeInvest says Haeck is definitely making his mark on CollegeInvest.

“Chris came to CollegeInvest just three short years ago and he has grown his division from a single person working with financial advisers to now a team of four helping to get parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles where they work.”

It’s selling that family investment in a child’s future that has Chris Haeck making his mark, one college education at time.

denver business journal Passion For Savings Has Salesman Making His Mark On College DreamsRead more on the website of CBS4 partner the Denver Business Journal.


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