PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – Chilling details of a sex offender’s latest alleged attack on a child have been released.

Another accuser has come forward with allegations against Corrin Cleveland, a registered predator who was first accused of assaulting a child at a recreation center in Parker.

Cleveland lived among people who had no idea he could be dangerous. When CBS4 first went to the neighborhood where he lived in November the neighbors were shocked to learn that Cleveland was a sex offender. Police rushed to get out his picture, but unfortunately someone recognized it and it led to another victim.

Cleveland was first arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy in the Parker Rec Center and police wanted to get his face out.

“Obviously he is a registered sex offender, there is an extensive history with him, and we want to make sure if there are additional victims out there that they come forward,” Lt. Doreen Jokerst with Parker police said in November.

Sadly, another did come forward, and according to the arrest warrant, Cleveland now faces new charges that include sexual assault on a child and second-degree kidnapping.

The young boy told police that Cleveland inappropriately touched him several times between May 2011 and August 2012. On at least one occasion the boy said Cleveland “put him in a chair with duct tape around it so he couldn’t move.” Another line says he even “put duct tape on his mouth.”

Even though Cleveland is a previous sex offender, he was never put on the sex offender database. He was considered non-Web eligible.

“What that means usually is that it is a juvenile, and juveniles, unless they’ve been charged with an adult offense, are not Web eligible,” Former sex offender therapist Saundra Johnson McBride said.

Cleveland is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail. An investigator on the case said these new charges are very serious and if convicted could put him away for a very long time.


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