DENVER (CBS4) – Many job seekers halt their search during the holidays. One Denver jobs expert says it’s actually a good time for job seekers to kick it up a notch.

“The tenacious job seeker who gets in there will find some really good opportunities. Companies are hiring all through the end of the year and a lot of them are trying to fill positions for that end-of-the-year hiring quota,” said Andrew Hudson, CEO of the website Andrew Hudson’s Job List.

Hudson said in an interview on CBS4 News that the social gatherings and parties that many people attend during the holidays are also a great time to network.

“Networking takes a lot of job seekers out of their comfort zone,” he said. But there are lots of opportunities for openings in conversations in big holiday gatherings. “Know how to ask people about what they do and the kind of opportunities that might exist as well.”

Hudson said the health care industry, the space technology industry and restaurant chain operation centers her in the Denver area are good places to research for job openings right now.

The Denver Business Journal Book of Lists is also a great resource for job seekers, according to Hudson. It provides “listings of hundreds of the hottest area companies in their fields, by ranking.”

LINK: Andrew Hudson’s Job List | Denver Business Journal Book Of Lists


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