Know your surroundings when tailgating at Mile High (Credit, John DiTorro)

When you’re partying in the lot for the tailgate celebration, the last thing you want to worry about is a pit stop. To avoid delays in your festivities, here are the bathroom tips you will need when tailgating at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.


Those portable potties are lined up throughout the parking lots to accommodate all tailgaters. You can usually find them in the far corners of each lot, so scope out your tailgating spot ahead of time to find all potty exits. On the south end of the stadium, you can find rows of port-o-potties lined up near the vendor booths. When you can’t find a spot near you, head towards the Mile High Mountain Village on the south end of the stadium for more restrooms.

Stadium Restrooms

The stadium offers public restrooms throughout; however, you must have a valid ticket to enter the stadium. There are also family restrooms available inside the stadium and all restrooms are equipped with changing tables.

Hey Neighbor!

If you luck out and score a spot near an RV or bus, share a brew or two and they just might be nice enough to let you share their restrooms. This is never a guaranteed option, but it does encourage camaraderie among fellow tailgaters. Chances are good that they will be nice enough to help out a fan in need. If there is one thing about tailgating in Denver that you can always count on, it is the kind and generous people that are there.

This short but sweet restroom guide should get you through the tailgate party with ease, but remember, courtesy goes a long way when the crowds gather. There is no need for desperate tree stops when tailgating at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

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