DENVER (CBS) – Darlene Thorsen knows a thing or two about starting over. She’s a veteran trying to get back on her feet in civilian life.

“It’s quite difficult, it really is,” she told CBS4’s Jim Benemann. Part of starting over is simply having a place to call home.

That’s where HomeAid Colorado comes in. It’s the official charity of the Colorado Homebuilder’s Association and is working with the Veterans Administration and Volunteers of America on a project to provide housing for women veterans and single moms in Denver’s Mayfair neighborhood.

It’s a way to give families stability as Mom looks for work. For families, it’s a holiday wish come true.

“I just told a lady at the shelter she’d be able to move into 1285 Clermont with a 2 and 4 year old right before Christmas,” said Ashley Hobart with VOA. “She started to cry and said she thought it was a dream.”

Thorsen is already living the dream, enjoying having a home where she can be comfortable with her current job while looking for one more suited to her skills.

“It’s so unique and so positive in finding a direction for women,” is how she described the project.

When the new homes are complete in Mayfair, HomeAid will have built 43 homes in Colorado, most along the Front Range. That’s 275 beds offering comfort and stability for women and their children. It’s a foundation the homebuilders say they are happy to provide.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“It’s easy to say, ‘Well, times are hard and you’re asking an awful lot,’ ” explained Gene Myers with NewTowne Homes. “But we’re saying ‘We’re not asking for anymore than you can do.’ Please do what you can.”



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