DENVER (CBS4)– They’re loud, make messes and their droppings can spread disease. Geese can be destructive to some of Denver’s most popular parks.

The Denver Parks and Recreation Department is trying something new to keep geese from flocking to the parks.

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The invention was created in Colorado and it has a catchy name: Goosinator.

It’s loud, bright and hard to miss especially for geese.

“They don’t like big teeth, they don’t like big eyes, they don’t like the colors orange, silver, black yellow or white,” said Goosinator inventor Randy Claussen.

Claussen turned his model airplane hobby into an invention that he calls the Goosinator.

He came up with the idea when his brother-in-law got sick of geese on his golf course.

“A goose poops 28 times a day so it presents a big problem in any open space,” said Claussen.

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The droppings can carry diseases like E.coli. Cleaning up the mess can be costly and time consuming.

To fight back, Claussen created a machine that would scare the birds on both land and water.

“This craft had to then chase them on the ice and the open water. So it was technically very challenging to come up with a craft that could work on all those surfaces and be intimidating,” said Claussen.

Scott Gilmore with Denver Parks and Rec saw the Goosinator online and decided it was worth trying out.

“In the winter we can have between 5,000 and 10,000 geese in this park on any day and it’s just overwhelming the public, it’s overwhelming our staff,” said Gilmore.

Two Goosinators are being tested at the two lakes in City Park. If they work they could start showing up at other Denver parks.

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Goosinators sell for $3,000 each.