DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. John Hickenlooper has been talking about gun legislation in the wake of the Aurora theater shooting and the school shooting in Connecticut.

Hickenlooper talked to CNN and said there will be discussion about mental illness in relation to guns.

“We have a whole list of efforts, almost $20 million in new programs around trying to put more support for people with mental Illness; to make sure we have a 24-hour hotline that someone can call in if they think someone appears unstable, a danger to themselves or others,” Hickenlooper said. “Making sure we expand capacity in neighborhoods and communities across the state. That we have a place to stabilize people if they appear like they’re a threat to themselves or to others.”

Hickenlooper said enough time has passed since the July 20 theater shooting for a conversation about preventing mass shootings.

The Colorado legislature is expected to take up the issue next month.


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