CARBONDALE, Colo. (CBS4) – There’s a fierce debate over what to do with a proposed waste transfer site right outside one of Colorado’s most picturesque mountain towns.

Neighbors of an industrial park in Carbondale say they don’t want the trash site near their homes or schools.

Thousands of people are against the plan. On Tuesday night the third county commission meeting about the waste transfer site was held this year. A total of nearly 20 hours of public comment has been heard.

As many neighbors are opposed, the president of the company told CBS4 he thinks people should support it.

“We think it’s a very green, sustainable project. The Top 10 cities in the world, green sustainable cities in the world, have waste transfer stations, and I think Carbondale should have one also,” MRI Corporation President Thomas Joiner said

But many in and around Carbondale don’t agree. Arguments range from fire danger to traffic.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

The site is on a county road just about a few miles east of downtown Carbondale. Several schools are in the area, not to mention a rodeo grounds across the street.

Online petitions garnered thousands of signatures and a rallying cry of “Don’t Trash Carbondale” popped up nearly everywhere. But the greatest concern to those living around the site is the anticipated depletion of property values, which several homeowners associations fought for.

“It showed unequivocally that we’re going to see a decrease of roughly $16 million of property values for individuals,” concerned citizen Scott Baynes said. “Also, that affects the local tax base. It’ doesn’t make sense.”

The county commission didn’t believe there was going to be a large depreciation of property value and approved the waste transfer site. Those who are opposed will explore other avenues to get it stopped.


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