DENVER (CBS4) – Love him or hate him, Bill Romanowski was all football player, and he did win four Super Bowls — two with the Broncos.

Romanowski is also a former Oakland Raider, so last Thursday night he was sort of torn between two allegiances. But even though he lives in California, it’s obvious he’s keeping close tabs on his old team in the Rockies.

“I do a lot of TV and stuff for the Raiders now, and it hasn’t been competitive football. But I’m always watching the Broncos, I love what’s happening,” Romanowski said. “It’s exciting, it’s great for Denver, great for the Denver Broncos, I couldn’t be happier.”

CBS4’s Gary Miller asked Romanowski, a former linebacker, why he thinks the Broncos defense has been so effective this year.

“Because they can rush the passer,” he replied. “What they are, is they’re sound. And when you have two guys who can get to the passer, what a difference that makes … when you can get to the passer it disrupts everything, and that makes it easier for everybody else.”

Romanowski had nothing but good things to say about Von Miller.

“It’s just exciting to see young guys come in and make the impact that he’s made,” he said. “He’s a guy I watch. When I watch the Denver Broncos, my eyes are on him because I want to see what he does next.”

Romanowski said he’s surprised that Peyton Manning has been able to play as good as he has considering he’s coming off of four neck surgeries.

“I was one of those guys who said, ‘Why would you get rid of Tim Tebow?’ … I can say now that I’m glad I was wrong because I see what (Manning) has done to the team,” he said. “He’s brought a standard, he’s brought an excitement, he’s brought a passion, a commitment level, and he demands excellence out there.”

Romanowski doesn’t give compliments lightly, but he thinks this Broncos team has a chance to bring Denver its third Super Bowl title.


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