DENVER (CBS4) – Peyton Manning has been everything Broncos fans expected of him and more. Just ask wide receivers Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas. Manning has changed their careers.

The duo has decided to take on the nickname “Salt and Peppa.”

“It’s actually catchy. I think people actually enjoy it,” Decker said. “We made it up trying to get a promotional deal.”

Though neither found the end zone, Salt and Peppa both had a solid game in the Broncos 23-10 win over the Oakland Raiders on Thursday night. Decker had eight receptions for 88 yards and Thomas finished with 83 receiving yards despite suffering a shoulder injury.

Earlier this season Salt and Peppa were about to celebrate a touchdown before Brandon Stokley stole the ball and saved them from a fine. Stokley told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi that they own him $10,000.

“Yeah, he’s told us a couple times,” Thomas said.

“We’ll get him a nice steak dinner, take him out,” Decker said.

“I already got him some shoes,” Thomas said.

Lombardi asked them what they think the other does better.

“I feel like he gets off the ball faster than me. He gets off press better than me,” Thomas said. “He needs to get better in the open field.”

“I wish I was just a freak of nature, that would be nice,” Decker said. “Be big and fast and run by people and over people.”

Decker and Thomas have friendly little wager going on to see who can finish with the most touchdown catches this year. Right now they are tied with eight.


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