DENVER (CBS4) – Broncos fan fever is spreading as the team has now won eight straight games.

“There’s something about Broncos fans. They separate themselves from the rest. They’re in a league of their own, there’s no doubt about it,” a fan said.

With every win fans are getting more and more excited. They’re going all out cheering on the team with their eyes set on the Super Bowl.

“This team is legitimately championship contending material,” another fan said.

This year fans are showing their love for the team in every way possible — from Broncos-loving pets to babies dressed in orange and blue. One fan has painted a refrigerator with the team colors and logo and another decorated a Christmas tree to show his support complete with gifts wrapped in Broncos wrapping paper.

“We’re die-hard fans. We’ve been since Elway was around,” another fan said.

The Armstrong family is proud to have three generations of Broncos fans — from Grandpa Ron to 1-year-old Griffin. Win or lose they know a true Broncos fan bleeds orange and blue.

“Just someone who wants to support the team, good or bad,” Ron said.


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