DENVER (CBS4) – Those looking for work know how difficult and frustrating the process can be, but one career expert says one industry is hiring.

The holidays are in full swing and job experts say so is the hunt for work. The latest drop in unemployment rates means the jobs are out there and changing strategies for nailing one down is key.

Andrew Hudson, CEO of the website Andrew Hudson’s Job List, says the rise in open positions is evident in Colorado.

“I’m seeing it certainly on my website. We posted a record 200 some jobs just this past Monday,” Hudson said. “Just in one week and these are companies that are hiring real employees, real positions.”

Just this week Kaiser Permanente announced it’s bringing an IT campus to Englewood that will create 500 jobs. Getting one of those jobs means the prospect will have to work at it, full time.

“Job seeking is a full contact sport. It’s something where they can’t sit behind a computer all day, but they have to go out to a professional association events,” Hudson said.

Hudson says the way companies look for employees is changing too.

“Another thing is that a lot of companies have stolen a page from online dating sites. So, for example, where they have these high-tech search engines trying to make a romantic match, now companies are using these high-tech search engines to look for a professional match,” Hudson said.

Those high-tech searches in Colorado are most likely looking for high-tech employees. There’s a shortage of those, so going back to school could give an edge.

“The tech corridor between Denver and Boulder where there’s a lot of new tech startup companies, they’re having to recruit from out of town. So, for Coloradans, it’s a very good suggestion to look at the types of programs.”

Hudson says recruiters spend about 6 seconds looking at a resume, so make sure the look and content sets you apart.

Do face-to-face networking at career events, professional seminars, and even make cold calls.

Make sure you create a specific and creative pitch to sell yourself.

Also, find out the best ways to use social media to learn how to find jobs.

Hudson’s Winter Wonder Jobs Fair is this coming Tuesday at the Seawell Ballroom at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

LINK: Andrew Hudson’s Job List


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