Get creative with your Broncos outfit (Credit, Michelle Perez)

The best thing about Halloween, besides the candy of course, is putting together a costume. So why should a tailgate party be any different? It isn’t. Here are a few tips on creating your homemade Broncos tailgating outfit. 

Step One – Colors

Every NFL team has its own color combination and this is the first step to creating your fanatic fan costume. For Denver Bronco fans, the only colors you need are Orange and Blue. These colors can be incorporated into the costume in endless ways. Face and body painting is most popular, not to mention budget friendly too. Get creative! Fans will use body paints to spell out phrases with friends, which makes it a buddy-friendly project as well. Wear that blue and orange from head to toe, from dyed hair to leotards. Your options are truly endless. Many fans will tell you, it’s as simple as scanning your closet. So find your team colors and rock them!

Step Two – Show Some Mascot Love

Just as every team has its colors, it also has a team representative known as the mascot. Denver has Miles, the majestic, wild, untamed bronco. There is also Thunder, who rides across the football field before every home game in Denver, getting the crowd riled up for the main event. Even the Bronco team logo is the head of a bronco with an orange mane. So how does one incorporate this into their fan costume? Any way you can. You can purchase clothing and accessories with the logo or get creative and find ways to make your own.

Step Three – Accessorize

The most fanatic fans know how to accessorize their outfits, from hats and wigs to jewelry, masks and shoulder pads. Don’t forget the game is football, so incorporating football gear into your costume is highly encouraged. Top hats, mascot hats, cowboy hats, jester hats, beanies, helmets and more; there are so many options it’s impossible to list them all – and that just covers the head. Wigs are one of the best accessories to include in your costume. Jewelry is also great, and even the boys can bling it up. Plastic bead necklaces, medallions and pennants are just a few items to include for a flashy costume. Even the pom-pom monster guys (pictured above) took simple cheerleader pom-poms and created costumes out of them.

Step Four – Theme is Supreme

The most creative Bronco fans know how to mix it up by creating different theme costumes for each home game. “Each Sunday we have a different theme. Today I am a Bronco gang member,” says Marleta Ouverson, a fanatic fan sporting baggy pants with exposed boxers, an orange bandana and a spunky attitude, appropriately decked out in blue and orange. As you can tell, there are no limits to the creative costumes one can dream up. Shane “Mile High Jester” Hergenreder sports a blue and orange jester suit topped off with a neat jester hat to every home game. The legendary Barrel Man needed little more than his bronco barrel, cowboy hat and bullhorn. Many fans mimic others, playing off of their ideas to get creative with their own costume. So think of your favorite characters or occupations and have some fun with it. Bronco Spartan, Bronco space alien, Bronco secret agent – I hope to see these costumes soon!

There are no right or wrongs when it comes to tailgating costumes. Your costume can be as extreme or simply as you like. Be brave, have fun creating your costume this season and make sure to get down to the tailgate lot for the next home game. You can’t imagine how much more fun it is when you’re all dressed up!

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