DENVER (CBS4) – Snowplow businesses are keeping a close eye on this weekend’s approaching storm. The plows haven’t seen much action yet this year.

It doesn’t mean the plows haven’t been ready. Crews at Common Area Maintenance were out earlier on Wednesday setting up their trucks as they hope and pray for snow this weekend.

“It’s been a slow season so far, we want to get some trucks out, get out there and make sure everything’s running top shape,” Hunter Hartman with Common Area Maintenance said.

Instead, it’s been mostly maintenance at the company.

“A lot of hurry up and wait,” Hartman said.

“It’s been a challenge for a lot of the snow removal businesses,” Shanae Dix with Common Area Maintenance said.

Dix says not only has their snow removal division been at a standstill, but it’s hit the hundreds of people they subcontract looking for a little extra holiday money.

“They’re calling daily, ‘What’s the forecast? Where’s the snow? What’s going on?’ ” Dix said. “We just tell them, ‘Soon as it snows you’re going to know about it.’ ”

It’s not clear how much snow is expected this weekend, but they’ll take anything.

“Even a dusting is decent for business,” Hartman said. “Really, a 2 to 4 inch storm is right there.”

“You should see when it snows around here. Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s excited. It’s like snow, snow, snow!” Dix said.

Actually, they are getting desperate.

“We like to say, ‘Okay, everybody do your snow dance.’ And then you see all these big plow drivers doing little snow dances,” Dix said.

Even a dusting can create some business because of the ice that can form in parking lots and on the roads.


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